1 | Pantygram
Get a red thong, a little note and a whole lotta love all night long.

2 | A pup … or a puss
Make a love connection with your man-beast and a … beast. The Humane Society has plenty of furry friends who need some love.

3 | Pinup Girl Wallet
It’s OK to look. These dazzling dames of the 20s were quite the sexy broads and we like our men to remember what a real woman looks like.

4 | Bull Bookends
Rarr. He’s an animal and so are you. Get this pair of bull bookends to keep his copy of The Jungle Book looking nice and tidy.

5 | Four Roses Mariage Collection Bourbon
I say, Reginald, this is a delectable concoction. Let’s put on our smoking jackets and velvet slippers while sipping this 2008 distillery of the year award recipient.

6 | Stuff White People Like: A Definitive Guide to the Unique Taste of Millions
Even if he’s not white, author Christian Lander perfectly captures the quirks of millions in his first book that will leave the S.O. chuckling and chortling.

7 | The Hero Snowboard
Let him know you like looking up to him … especially when he’s spinning out on the half-pipe. Get the new Hero men’s snowboard for him and treat yourself to the matching woman’s Lip-Stick, decorated with little red hearts.