Use this to upgrade from those slap bracelets

Use this to upgrade from those slap bracelets


The Indian-influenced line from Rosena Sammi has caught our eye with an array of necklaces, earrings, beads and bangles. Get starry-eyed over their Numerology line, necklaces featuring symbolic pendants. But we like to keep it real with their line of necklaces that feature words like “Bliss,” “Earth” and “Om” written in Sanskrit. The historical Indo-Aryan language looks good on the neckline.

Rosena Sammi sells mostly gold pieces, but there are some silver with black metal accents that are just as wonderful. There are plenty of pieces to choose from, including the sale section of the Web site that has quite a few gems for pretty prices.

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These are Sanskrit for sexified

These are Sanskrit for "sexified"