This is our kind of cooking instructions

This is our kind of cooking instructions

Green Eyed Monter, the Web site where one can find the most artistically designed reusable bags, is holding a design competition for their signature Earth Day 2009 eco-knapsack. There are currently two competitors, but we think we know which will win.

One bag’s design features trees, water and a fish … that’s about it.

The other tote’s design says, “Just add water,” with “add” crossed out and “save” written above it. Then this fabulous eco-extraordinaire went the extra step to add an informative blurb at the bottom about why we need to save water. Did you know only 1 to 2 percent of water on earth can sustain life? Yeah, actually we didn’t either. But we’re glad we now know!

We don’t want to tell our lovely readers who to choose (cough, cough, “Just save water,” cough, cough) but we will tell you to be American, dammit, and exercise your right to vote.

It’s an eco-mocracy at