Clear the way - the pussies are out on the town

Clear the way - the pussies are out on the town

Keep your sanity by making room for your lady friends on a regular basis. Men are crazy and the ladies need to join together every once in a while to discuss such looniness. Here are the five best ladies’ nights as thoroughly experiemented by Pantera, Le Tigre, Lionella and Fire Puss.

1 ::: Tequila! That’s right, it’s No. 1. Skip the latest Kate Hudson chick flick crap and go straight for the jugular. We recommend the organic kind to help heal the pains of tomorrow.

2 ::: Gay Denny’s. If you’re in need to get out of the house, head straight for your local gay Denny’s. Every city has one, but you have to be underground to know which one it is. Scarf down jalapeno peppers, french fries and maybe some fucking french toast (!) if the night takes you there.

3 ::: Laughter yoga. Take one of these unusual but uplifting yoga classes together. As if you didn’t laugh enough with your best gals, now you can do so in a place that won’t invite lots of weird looks.

4 ::: Blog together. Hmmm … a group of friends that get together and blog about life? Now where would we have gotten this brilliant idear from?!

5 ::: Do what brought you together in the first place. All friends share experiences that are unique to them. Is it experiementing new sushi rolls? Booze-infused talks? Art walks? Sexually harassing men at your local dive? Whatever it is, do the activity that made you best buds in the first place!