Look inside and youll find a can of whoop ass

Look inside and you'll find a can of whoop ass


The Today Show reported this morning that a 65-year-old granny from Texas had to kick some ass when a robber stole her purse. Val Renfro was getting in her car when a man ran up and took her handbag. So Renfro hopped in her granny-mobile and chased the mutha effer down. Literally. She ran over him.

“I was madder than hell, was what I was,” says Renfro. “He got right in front of my right fender and I just pushed on the gas.” You don’t mess with a woman’s purse. It’s the equivalent of taking a man’s nutty bags.

Granny took him down, the police showed up and the purse stealer was arrested. Watch the video by clicking here.

Tip: You have to see where is mother grandma’s secret hiding place for her cell.