Dear 4girls, 1blog,

What is the point of  the hole in the front of men’s briefs? I thought it was so they could stick their schlong out when peeing, but men I’ve talked to say they dont use it. What’s the point then? 

That’s a good question. Some say it’s an extra layer of absorption. I’d like to believe it is the female equivalent of a bra – except for his dongle berries. Yes. That’s right. It’s a dongle berry bra. A strap for his package. A little kangaroo pouch in his pants, if you will. I guess the real question should be … what do men carry in their whitey tighties?

Do they hide away a stash of moola in that cute little kangaroo pouch? A baby kitten? Maybe some extra toilet paper to blow the nose? If so, I’d like to get in to that!



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man puch

man pouch