Thank you, your Lordship, for plugging my book on your almighty show.

Thank you, your Lordship, for plugging my book on your almighty show.

We apologize to our lovely readers for not posting recently. Lionella Litterbox just started her new job as a preschool teacher, so she’s been busy teaching the little ones of America how to be kickass.

But she got off early yesterday (how did they know to only work her three hours on her first day!?) and caught the beginning of Oprah. The talk show queen had Steve Harvey on, who talked about his new book, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.”

OK. Here we go … Steve Harvey is a great comedian, but love expert? Steve says all women should wait at least 90 days before engaging in sexy times with their new man-beasts. But Lionellla only made her man-beast wait about a month before they did it, and they’re still together. Year and a half together, five months living together. We are in love.

And we all know Oprah is Queen of All Living Creatures and Things of this Planet Earth (which was only created by her understudy, God, so her majesty had something glorious to walk upon) but her show isn’t all that great.

Steve and Oprah missed the biggest problem of all: our culture, our government and (most) women are on board with this whole “women are equal to men” deal we’ve been working on, except for men. Or most single men. Man-beasts still have a hard time accpeting that there are women out there (sexy ones, too) who have their own place, own career and they even buy themselves their own rings! These ladies are single and just need some loving. But of course they are having a hard time because men are itimidated by them. How very 19th century of men.

Steve said men need to feel that they can provide for and protect women, and as cute as that is, why can’t men be OK with beautiful gals providing and protecting themselves?

Lionella smells a lesson for the little ones for today’s class.

That’s a lot of words and we want to hear from you! Email us at and tell us how long you made your man-beast wait. Is there a minimum amount of time you’re supposed to make them wait? Have you read Steve’s new book? Do you likey? Dish your opinion!

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Also, we found this pic when google-imaging Steve Harvey and … what the hell?! We didn’t realize he was a greased-up hunk of burning love underneath his fancy suits!? Rarr.

Act like a lady, but grease me up like a man.

Act like a lady, but grease me up like a man.